Welcome to Flatstalker® Custom Fishing Craft.
Flatstalker Custom Fishing craft are small light weight miniature fishing skiffs designed and patented by Roy Sanders in 2005.  
The Flatstalker® is one of the first small stand up paddle craft specifically designed for fishing.

"Growing up surfing and fishing on the Mid-Texas coast afforded me lots of water time in and around the bays and gulf.
My love for fishing and surfing led me to this design. I was looking for something small that I could paddle and pole
in shallow water while standing.  The Flatstalker® is perfect for sight fishing in shallow water.  Because of the incredible stealth
of the Flatstalker® I catch more fish now than ever before!!"

Flatstalker® Custom Watercraft are built to the requirements of our clientele. Rivers, lakes, oceans, surf, shallow water flats,
creeks or ponds - Flatstalker® can be custom built to your needs and specifications whether hunting and fishing or just spending
a fun day on the water! Kids LOVE Flatstalker®!!

Flatstalker® Product information
The hand-made Flatstalker® is hand crafted from EPS foam and Epoxy composites. Sizes range from 9' to 16' and various widths
and thicknesses depending on floatation requirements and can be paddled, poled, trolled or gas powered.
Each Flatstalker® is custom designed so that our clientele gets exactly what fits their fishing needs.
Fast, stable, light weight, durable and easy to repair when damaged, Flatstalker® is a great way to enjoy the water.
Single hull boats start at $1995.
Double hull boats start at $2495.

Flatstalker® should last a lifetime if well maintained and that makes a Flatstalker®
a great addition to any waterman's arsenal.